This body!


My body screams of fatique

My body screams of pain

My body screams of soreness

Whether to listen to it, is yet unanswered question!

My body needs to be clothed

My body needs to be fed

My body needs an education

My body needs a health insurance

Bills, bills, bills. Endless bills, unwillingly i take my body out of bed to hustle!

End of July chronicles!

So much turmoil in the world at the moment

So much anger, anguish, pain, bloodshed and hurt

So much chaos even in places deemed “democratic”

So much! It has been too much for my weak heart

I dream of a day where next door neighbours are friendly with each other

I dream of the day where nations are at peace with its people

I dream of a the day where nations are at peace with each other

I dream of a day where people are a little compassionate and kind

Where did humanity go?

Just because…

I miss my family,

I miss my local food,

I miss my language,

I miss genuine smiles,

I miss hearty laughs with my sisters,

I miss the familiarity of things,

I miss home and all that it represents 😔😔😔😔😔‼️‼️‼️


On the shores of Lake Malawi….couple of years ago!


The frustrations….


Testing Testing 1,2, 3………

Oh! so I created this account sometime in April 2015. But then issues happened and decided to try blogspot then tumblr…weebly and now I’m back. Interesting right? Well, let me just say i should have asked for help the very first time instead of going through all that trouble….I hope this time around i will figure it out for good. Darn it!! These technology issues 🙂